100% SVG components 

New version runing with Firefox 1.5, Opera 9 and Batik 1.6

Design and script are separated.
Script is load on begin 
Design is load on request and removed after use.

You can create your design, save it in SVG or SVGZ files.

You have js library, design examples, example of using component and some help:

Alert, confirm and prompt windows         Drop-down list with scrolling for large list

Slider       Color picker    Create lineargradient or radialgradient     Chronometer

Javascript libraries to create text with effect ( you have only to insert script and call function )
Some don't run with Firefox 1.5 or Opera 9

Tapewriter animation on text   each letter rotate with horizontal axis    each letter rotate with vertical axis  
Zoom on each letter in place

Load all this examples in a single zip file ( 54.4 ko )