Chronometer 100% SVG

Design and script are separated.
Script is load on begin 
Design is load on request and removed after use.

You can create your design, save it in SVG or SVGZ files.

See example

In main SVG, for using chronometer you have to
1) load script with <script xlink:href="js/chrono.js"/>
2) reserve at the end place for design with <g id="chrono" transform="translate(100,50)"></g> by example 
3) show it with add_chrono("svg/chrono.svg","chrono");
in order: file for design, name of group where put fragment

( svgdoc must be name for SVGDocument )

Click on green square to start, on red square to stop animation.

You can close chronometer by click on x icon or with close_chrono("chrono")