SVGFonc project for 2D graphs and euclidian geometry

(Tool for euclidian geometry)    (Tool for hyperbolic geometry)    (Tool for 3D geometry)

You can draw interactives pictures using SVG and Javascript
Graph plotter for cartesian (y=f(x)), polar (r=f(t)) and parametrics (x=f(m) et y=g(m)) coordinates, with features of SVGeom. 

July 2006
New version for Firefox and Opera

- Save objects reusables as text file
- Load existing construction ( Need PHP )
- Localisation of application ( english, french now )
- Progressive drawing with commentaries
- Choice of HSL colors
- Fine printing of construction
- Save picture as SVG


Adobe's plugin ( versions 3.03 and 6 beta)
Opera 9
Firefox 1.5 
* No text in widgets
Batik 1.6 
* Cannot save work - node -> string and postURL emulation

Application online
Try it!
Load all components as ZIP file
Using PHP ( 63 359 octets )