You can load the mathematics examples in a Zip file (57 344 octets)


Draw  linesparabolas, sinusoides  
Solve linear systems of inequations
Solve linear systems of equations  

Exercices with graphics  
Solve linear systems of equations

Solve equations of second degree

The triangle and objects ( figure Wingeom put in Corel Draw 9 )
The triangle (Enter coordinates of vertex, show/hide objects)
The triangle
(Enter vertex with mouse)
Transforms and matrices
Visualise reflection by a point, reflection by a line, dilatation, rotation , similitude et affinity

Transforms in SVG: choose translate, scale, rotate, skewX, skewY and see result

Statistics: Histograms, Pies, "Botes moustache" ....
Random numbers    Without law  Normal law

Drawing rectangles, ellipses, polygons
Drawing rectangles, ellipses and polygones
(Using mouse)

Bezier curves ( you can move points and see code for path )
Two quadratic Bezier curves assuming common tangent
Two quadratic Bezier curves using Q then T
Cubic Bezier curve
Geometric definition of Bezier curves with barycentres
Draw parabola using Bezier curve
Draw Lissajous using Bezier curve

Maps ( clipart in Corel Draw 9 )

France    light ( 6 418 octets )
   ( 21 931 octets )
Japon ( 26 693 octets )
Germany ( 12 454 octets )
Italy ( 13 331 octets )

See Europa's countries
Test about Europa's countries

USA bis 1789 to today ( 113 679 octets )


Drawing parabolas  
SVG, javascript and XML in PDF (in french 152 000 octets)

About SVG: W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)