Some examples using SVG and javascript to modify DOM

Create objects    Create a rectangle    Create text    Create event for existing object
Modify objects    Modify a rectangle    Modify text    Zoom on object when mouse is over
Clone objects    Clone a rectangle

Some routines    Move object with mouse  Move text with mouse  Rotate a rectangle

Windows     Alert windows    Confirm windows    Choice windows    Prompt windows
Modify context menu on different objects  Get coordinates using viewBox, zoom and pan

Form elements in SVG with JavaScript
Form SVG-JavaScript send data to server PHP    From SVG file ( run with IE )
Frome HTML file  ( don't run in Netscape 4.X from SVG ! )

Utilisation de clipPath
Animation as in Flah ( spot on text )
Magnifying glass on JPEG    Magnifying glass with choice of file on your disk

SVG Filters:
Tools to modify parameters on picture of your choice and save SVG

Zoom and Pan with javascript    Using only currentScale and currentTranslate

Wrap, modify text, font, size, bold, orientation    Pick a color and opacity in RGB space    Pick a color in HSL space  (NEW)
Unrolling menus    Names for colors 
Characters table in HTML    Characters table in PHP    Characters table for parameters( URL, Formulaires .. )
Characters tables for SVG:
Font-family Arial 21 to 700    Font-family Arial 2001 to 2670    Font-family Symbol 21 to 100

Functions and methods to modify DOM with javascript

Define arc of circle in SVG    Define arc of ellipse in SVG   Compute area for a polygon

This examples in a Zip file( 87 523 octets )