Applications using IGN maps

You can use maps from IGN (french geographical institute) in your application.
You have to subscribe to IGN and get key ( free for no commercial use )
for access to IGN's datas : maps, from sky photos, roads, rivers, cadastre ....

We use Leaflet as library to show and work with this maps.
You can use also OpenStreet maps

Welcome to API Geoportail
Welcome to Leaflet

We use plugin from Geoman to draw on maps
Welcome to Geoman

First application : show your tracks as gpx files

You save your track as *.gpx ( xml syntax )
You can post your file, after refreshing files list
you can select it and see your track on maps.

See your track on maps

Second application : create track

You get drawing toolbar on left.
You can draw polyline, polygon or rectangle.
You can get your drawing as gpx file
You can modify, move, remove your object
You can get gpx file at the end of your drawing
Use cancel if necessary when name for drawing is asked
On removing object you have same possibility
You can open it in your GPS' software ( MapSource or other )
to get detailled track to put in your GPS.

Create track

Don't be surprise if you don't see maps in printing from browser
IGN protect datas, this datas are not send to browser to make printing page
Use "Print Screen" from keyboard and use any picture software to paste it with datas!