feComponentTransfer filter

Filter apply function for each RGBA channel
It allows operations like brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, color balance or thresholding

Types of function to apply

identity: C'=C
linear: C'=slope*C+intercept
gamma: C'=amplitude*pow(C,exponent)+offset
table: linear interpolation between values given
step function define by given values

Example for no effect:

<feFuncR id='col0' type='identity' />
<feFuncG id='col1' type='linear' slope='1' intercept='0' />
<feFuncB id='col2' type='gamma' amplitude='1' exponent='1' offset='0'/>
<feFuncA id='col3' type='table' tableValues='1' >

see examples of effects on a SVG picture

tool to modify type, parameters, see result