Adobe SVG viewer 6 - version beta    (load this version windows only now)

News SVG 1.0 specifications

- cursor property and cursor element : see example 
    Using SVG objects as childs of cursor element allow animated cursors, but what about W3C specifications ?

- foreign object 

New SVG 1.1 specifications

- text wrapping : see example in square and square with hole defined by path element.
  Using new script features to change vertices of rectangle for text (cursor, getScreenCTM used)

- using RCC specifications to create arc and pie elements
  As this question seem very important for the future of svg, go to homepage for that

ECMAScript and DOM 

- getScreenCTM to get matrix from main svg coordinates system to window coordinates. 
   No more problem to get coordinates in SVG, a single formula - see example

- getTransformToElement() to get matrix of transformation from main svg to object. 
  No problem to find coordinates in object's local coordinates system - see example
- direct access to main attributes of objects - see example

What ASV6 don't accept since this version

- header ( <?xml .... > or/and <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC ....>) in file or string to parse with parseXML


- spreadMethod attribute has no effect for drawing gradients : see example

ASV6 extensions for SMIL 2.0

- transition effects with set and animate on xlink:href attribute of use element : see example   
- insert, play and stop video : see example