ASV6 ONLY - Building RCC components using ECMAScript (see W3C working draft SVG 1.2)

Code used  for this elements in svg using ECMAScript

To define this elements

<extensionDefs namespace="">
    <elementDef name="rcc_name">
            <!--  some SVG or RCC objects -->
        <script ev:event="SVGBindBegin" type="text/ecmascript" xlink:href=""/>
    <!-- others elements can be defined -->

To use this elements

<pi:rcc_name attribute_1="value_1" ..................... /> 

pi is choosed as namespace in examples with

<svg  .... xmlns:pi="" ..... />

What support this elements ?

On example of arc and pie elements, you can see that all attributes of presentation are supported (filter, gradient also)
See all that on example building arc and pie objects

What about recursivity, in fact using RCC objects in prototype?
What about create prototype's objects on fly?

This seem working if we call script on xml event "SVGBindbegin"

See that on example building bar chart - ( work in progress of course ... )

Using RCC to define new attribute

See this example of Von Koch curve

Another example for regular polygons convex or crossed

See this example 

How preserve objects from zoom pan and resize window

See example