ASV6 : Using RCC to create arc and pie elements

Code used  for this elements in svg 

<extensionDefs namespace="">
    <elementDef name="arc">
            <path id="drawing_arc"/>
        <script ev:event="SVGBindEnd" type="text/ecmascript" xlink:href=""/>
    <elementDef name="pie">
            <path id="drawing_pie"/>
        <script ev:event="SVGBindEnd" type="text/ecmascript" xlink:href=""/>

Syntax for arc and pie elements

<pi:arc or <pi:pie
    cx : coordinate ( 0 by default )
    cy : coordinate ( 0 by default )     center's coordinates
    r : length  ( 0 by default )   radius for circle
    start : angle ( in degrees and 0 by default )  angle to begin arc or pie
    sweep : angle ( in degrees and 0 by default )  angle for arc or pie
    orientation : default | maths    with maths angles are oriented as in maths, with default clowise
    units : degrees | radian    by default angles for start and sweep are in degrees

   other attributes supported by "path":
    style, stroke, stroke-width, stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, fill, fill-opacity
    cursor property ( run directly from instance also )

    transform attribute ( some strange result )

   events as onclick="..."

   <..   animate, set, ... elements as childs />   this animated elements don't run in this first approach ....

</pi:arc> or </pi:pie>

See example    Load    Load

Thanks to Kevin for example